Over the last week, one of the biggest stories in the country has focused on President Donald J. Trump’s demeaning of veterans.

With multiple confirmations, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News, along with the originator of the story, the Atlantic, confirmed that Trump had made just those references during a trip to Paris, France during 2018.

Trump campaign attacks Biden for going to church and his son’s grave


What he doesn’t mention: This is the cemetery where Beau Biden, a proud military veteran, is buried. This is after religious services. This is what good parents do when they are tied to their community and remember those who put their life on the line.

The Trump campaign shows that they have no moral center, none at all. While they denounce the fact Trump is accused of mocking veterans, they take time to get on Twitter and attack a father of a veteran for visiting the grave of his son.


This week, in one of his first in-person appearances since the pandemic started, Joe Biden made some Pennsylvania voters a promise.

“I’m not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,” the Democratic presidential nominee said at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where much of the nearby industry relies on the controversial technique for extracting natural gas.

the guardian

I think this story suggest that Joe Biden and his campaign recognize that the 2020 election will be an ELECTORAL COLLEGE election. And while he may lose some support on the left, he may win Pennsylvania and the 20 electoral college votes needed to get to 270.

I personally hate to see any American who agrees with me on almost 95 percent say, “I can’t vote for Trump but I also can’t vote for Biden.” I don’t understand any who can place Trump and Biden on the same plane… but it will happen and I hope many will come around and vote for Biden on November 3.

Joe Biden was not my first choice. Neither was President Obama. But when President Obama received the nomination, I got behind him with everything I had.

Finally a reason for any TRUMPIST to wear a mask.