This is a president who does not so much govern the country as harass it…

“No postwar president even approached this level of conduct unbecoming the position he holds,” it continued. “Even at his nastiest, Richard M. Nixon generally saved ugly comments about his political foes, the media and minority ethnic groups for the privacy of the Oval Office.”

“The necessary condition of reversing the damage to the nation’s civic fabric, though, is denying him another four years in office. Otherwise, it could be permanent.”


Trump’s crisis with military voters worsens as the Lincoln Project rips him as a ‘disgrace’

The White House has been in damage control all day on Friday after a damning report first published in The Atlantic was broadly confirmed by the Associated Press, The Washington Post and Fox News.


Medal of Honor recipient confirms story of Trump insulting the military in blunt-talking MSNBC interview

Asked to respond to reports that Donald Trump has slurred American military dead as “losers and suckers,” a Medal of Honor recipient told an MSNBC host that he was not surprised at the accusations levied against the president and added that he has heard similar claims from friends who are still in the military and have had interactions with the president.

Speaking with host Chris Jansing, Retired Army Col. Jack Jacobs who saved lives of 14 allied soldiers who were pinned down in the Vietnam War while wounded himself, made no bones about how he feels about the president who received several questionable deferments during the war.