How to talk someone out of a damaging cult

Look at the leader of the Cult and Identify a few characteristics that shape who the cult leader is.

He’s a Racist, misogynist, narcissist

He committed adultery with a porn star married to the First Lady and paid the porn star $130,000 to keep quiet

Seven of the men who made up his closest advisors have been convicted of Corrupt and Criminal behavior

He made a public statement about grabbing women by the pussy

He said that Racist, Nazi, Fascist are good people

He is Putin’s Puppet

He would not step up and challenge Putin when Putin placed bounties on the heads of American Soldiers

He is Corrupt and Criminal

He is not a Decent Person

He is Un American

He is a Draft Dodger

He abused more than a dozen women

And if I missed anything let me add… ETC… ETC… ETC…

Many of you will know someone who has suddenly fallen head over heels in love with someone. Some will know people who have done likewise – but for a strange religion or group that you’ve never heard of. What do you say to them? How can you help? And how do you express your concern or surprise at their change of appearance or lifestyle and their utter devotion to someone or something that, to you, seems really crazy?

Opposing critical thinking

Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders

We have spent decades talking to current and former members of all kinds of cults, from religious-based groups like the Branch Davidians to political groups on the far right and far left and even psychotherapy cults like the Center For Feeling Therapy. We wanted to understand the attraction of these organisations – and why they’re so hard to leave.

the conversation

Coping With Cult Members

cults are led by a dynamic, charismatic leader who eventually controls and manipulates his or her followers.

cults use devious methods to trap, deceive, and control their followers.

An Intervention

After first clearly establishing through obvious “warning signs” that someone is involved with a potentially unsafe group/leader and/or destructive cult–most families will attempt to intervene personally–some may seek professional help and undertake a more formal structured intervention. Others may find intervention too difficult.

Cult Education

How to Help Friends and Family Get out of a Cult

People get involved with cults for many reasons:

  • They may be married to someone who gets manipulated by the deception, and they go along with their spouse.
  • Parents of young children bring them into the cult before they are old enough to think for themselves.
  • They may find satisfaction from the way other members treat them at first.
  • They may need something more out of life, and they think this is the answer.
  • A trusted friend can introduce them to it.

How do I escape the CULT?