PI would be very unhappy if I got sick

I shop at the Publix on North Market. I have been in the store at least 5 times when I observed customers blatantly not wearing mask. I have also seen customers at other grocery stores not wearing mask as well as other businesses… it is the responsibility of the business owner or management to follow the county directive and ask the person to either DON (no pun intended) a mask or leave the store, and that isn’t happening. I think because employees and management simply don’t won’t to engage with the customer not wearing a mask… I have reported each of the times I have observed customers not wearing a mask to the County Health department… and once to the County Mayor’s office and the violations continue… I wrote this email to the County Mayor’s office after my last visit to Publix…

I did’t submit the email… yet…

HELLO MR. MAYOR… I sent you an email several weeks ago about mask not being worn at the Publix on North Market. You replied to me, informing me that the county is enforcing the directive… I have now informed the county health department that I have observed blatant violations of the face mask directive four times at the Publix on North Market… yesterday being the last time.
I’m watching the news about schools in Georgia that aren’t mandating mask wearing reporting hundreds of cases of Covid among their students. It is estimated that about half the students are wearing mask.
You determined that wearing a mask is important, and you executed a directive mandating that all customers wear a mask inside any business. The directive requires that any business observing a customer not wearing a mask request the customer put on a mask or leave the business.
I have observed customers not wearing a mask on at least 4 visits to the grocery store, an essential service. I have reported each violation to the health department and my observation of customers not wearing mask at the Publix on North Market. continues…
MOST customers are wearing mask. Publix depnds on customers doing the right thing. But there are customers who don’t do the right thing and don’t wear a mask.
I am 70 years and must go to the grocery store. The only time I get out of the house these days is to go to the grocery store or walk the dog a few times a week. Each is an essential activity, and I feel much safer walking the dog than I do going to the grocery store.
If I go the the Publix on North Market and someone isn’t wearing a mask, someone associated with the store should respond to the situation, according to your directive by asking the customer to put a mask or leave the store… and each time I observed a customer without a mask, that did not happen.
The Health Department each time I reported my observation has been very helpful and attentive.
This is a serious situation and I would like to see everyone involved taking it seriously. Customers wearing mask. Business management making certain customers wear a mask and government enforcing the directive that business must enforce mask wearing inside their business.
I don’t even want to get sick. I can’t get sick. I have a dog that depends on me. I have a cat that depends on me and I feed 5 feral and abandoned cats each day who depend on me. And if I get sick they all suffer.

This is my dog PI and she would be very unhappy if I got sick… so do your job.
Thank you sir for your time.