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Georgia teen says viral hallway photo that got her suspended was ‘good and necessary trouble’

Hannah Watters is one of the suspended teens. In an interview with CNN legal correspondent Laura Coates, Watters said she had no regrets about posting the photo. In a tribute to the legendary congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis, she said it was “good and necessary trouble.”


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Trump ‘is a first-degree mass murderer’ and ‘the most successful bio-terrorist’ in history: Famed psychologist

The English edition of Der Spiegel continues with this damningly accurate description of America in the Age of Trump:

Should we be worried about the United States? Is a fundamental shift taking place in a country that is synonymous with deeply rooted democracy? The current chaos on the streets of America isn’t just the product of the country’s economic and societal tensions. The president himself has repeatedly exacerbated those conflicts with his rhetoric. Trump, it seems, needs the chaos. He feeds off it.

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‘Honestly, I think Trump wants to lose’: Bedminster press conference panned as campaign ‘self-sabotage’

He held the press conference while allowing members of his private club to serve as an audience for his speech, which was announced by the White House but frequently veered into partisan electoral politics. Members were seen without masks and not social distancing, potentially in violation of New Jersey regulations.

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Brutal new ad nails Trump’s decades-long history of racism

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A new ad from progressive PAC MeidasTouch draws upon years of video footage to expose Donald Trump as a racist, going back to him calling for the execution of the Central Park Five — who were found innocent — to his present-day dog whistles to racists to support his re-election campaign.

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Trump claims he’ll issue an executive order to do what the Affeodable Care Act already does: require health insurance companies to “cover all pre-existing conditions for all customers.” Trump lies when he says this has never been done because, of course, the ACA does it.

Trump has no shame. Tonight, he’s promising an executive order to protect people with pre-existing conditions when that’s already the law. The ACA does just that and he’s been trying to repeal it for years. Shameless!

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