take a good look at the company trump has kept

Bill Stepien, Trump’s new campaign manager, took the pitch to Fox News this morning.

“I think you need to judge Joe Biden by the people he’s surrounding himself with,” he said.


…has the president’s operation really thought through the implications of a judge-the-candidates-by-the-company-they-keep message? For one thing, much of Biden’s team is made up of veterans of Barack Obama’s team — and for much of the American mainstream, that’s not especially scary. On the contrary, Barack Obama is currently the nation’s most popular political figure.

For another, has Bill Stepien taken a good look at the company his boss has kept? As we discussed in detail in February, we are talking about a president surrounded by a “remarkable universe of criminality,” with many of Trump’s top aides having been convicted of felonies, sent to prison, or both. Even Stepien himself brings a controversial background to the table, as does Jason Miller, a Team Trump senior adviser and spokesperson.