If you live in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida…

... Your VOTE may never be as important as it will be this November 3... especially if you think that Trump is a "clear and present danger" to American Freedom.  If you think Trump is a Fascist and think that Trump MUST GO!

I LIVE in Tennessee a state Trump won in 2016 by 25%… and the state appears to be safe in 2020 for Trump also… I don’t think he will win the state by 25% however… so while my vote is important, my vote may not be as important as YOUR VOTE if you live in one of the states listed above. So please, if you think Trump MUST GO… please plan to VOTE on 11-3.

Joe: ‘I’d be surprised if these races don’t tighten up significantly towards the end’


While Trump may win some of these states, I don’t think Trump thought he would be in Texas lying to the state to get votes, or lying to citizens of Georgia to get votes. So if you live in Texas or Georgia and you think Trump must go… Please Vote.

Draft Dodger Trump says veterans’ ‘wall’ of protectors and ‘line of innocent mothers’ were ‘anarchists who hate our country’

Over the weekend in Portland veterans from every branch of service lined up to protect Black Lives Matter protesters as Trump’s federal troops tear-gassed and beat protesters.

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The whole new list of Trump’s impeachable offenses: Post editorial chief details new crimes by the president

President Donald Trump has already been impeached once, and it didn’t even include the ten examples of obstruction of justice during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But in just the past month, Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt outlined many, many more.

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