hamilton county tennesse covid 19 directive

This email is a follow up to the email I sent dated Friday, July 17.

At the time I sent the email on Friday, I had not read the complete directive implemented in an executive order from the county mayor’s office.  I have now read the complete directive.

On Friday evening, I was shopping at the Publix on North Market.  There were two violations of items 4 and 5 of the directive.  The first, are the individuals who entered the store not wearing a mask and the second violation of the directive was management not requesting that the individuals not wearing a mask either put on a mask or leave the store.

I ask to speak to a manager and the manager told me she didn’t do anything because Hamilton County authority wasn’t enforcing the directive.  Arriving home, I sent the first email.

I have now read the directive and items 4 and 5 are fairly explicit about the responsibility of a customer wearing a mask and the responsibility of a business if the customer refuses to wear a mask.

From Item 4:  Businesses shall not allow anyone to enter or remain in their establishment unless they are wearing a facial covering. 

From Item 5: Any business failing to enforce this Directive or person refusing to leave an establishment when requested due to no facial covering will be subject to civil citations for their violation of this Directive as well as criminal sanctions.

Basically, what I was told by the manager I spoke to is Publix isn’t enforcing the directive because the county isn’t enforcing the directive.

I as a citizen of this community take seriously the actions outlined in the directive.  I wear a mask.  I also assume that the County Mayor would not issue the directive unless the County Mayor perceived a potential threat to this community from Covid – 19, therefore the directive.  And because this directive has been issued by the County Mayor, all entities responsible for enforcing the directive should take the directive seriously as well as all businesses in the community.

I also have a responsibility as a citizen, especially if the aforementioned entities don’t respond to their responsibility, to point out their failure to respond appropriately.

Hamilton County government apparently perceived a potential threat from Covid – 19 and issued the directive making wearing a mask mandatory under many circumstances.  Now it is the responsibility of Hamilton County to take the directive seriously and enforce the directive.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.