you won’t get a do over…

SENDING kids back to school is like showing up a a Trump Rally… good luck.

Reporting from Mother Jones suggest:

Reopening schools may very well be a risk worth taking—after all, so much of our economic recovery depends on it—but it’s unlikely that we’ll have clear answers to many of these questions in the near future and know with any certainty just how safe schools would be for kids, teachers, and communities. 

… the research on children and COVID-19 is relatively limited, and the studies that do exist have shownconflicting results. At this point, “following the science” to safely reopen schools simply doesn’t mean much—and it’s near impossible to try to rely on data to help you decide whether you should send your kids back to school.

I had a large Oak Tree in the side yard fall back in November 2019. An estimated 6,000 pound trunk and a canopy that is difficult to measure, but I will call “huge”. The tree fell across my carport and the canopy completely covered my Jeep at the edge of the front yard to the left, more than a hundred feet away from the tree. The front of my picket fence was destroyed. A fifty foot pine tree had to be removed because of the damage. A 35 foot maple tree was snapped of by the Oak and the Oak came to rest on the stump that was created. The four Crepe Myrtles in the front was so damaged, I had to have each trimmed down to shrub height.

I watched the Oak for several months and numerous times considered having the tree removed but waited. Hoping the tree wouldn’t fall. And one day down the tree came.

I now have a tree in the back yard that I’m watching. The tree looms over the back porch, the laundry room and the kitchen. My decision is a do or don’t do choice. One or the other.

One thing the first tree falling taught me is that I don’t get a do over.

Whether to send kids back to school is a decision that all parents will have to make. And a decision all parents will have to live with.

And you won’t get a do over.

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