Longtime Republican strategists who are fed up with President Donald Trump released their latest ad on Saturday, which quickly went viral online.

Hayes said the United States is “in the midst of one of the worst governing failures in American history,” and said there is “no country on Earth this far into this pandemic that has bungled it this badly.”

Trump must Resign 

The Lincoln Project released their latest ad, titled, “Bounty” only one day after the bombshell report that Russia had offered bounties for the killing of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

If their candidate (TRUMP) loses in November, Trumpists will dig in their heels just as their predecessors did after Barack Obama’s 2008 victory. Only a month after his inauguration, the Tea Party was already up and running. But the Tea Party will prove child’s play compared to the resistance the Trumpists are likely to mount if their candidate tanks on Election Day 2020. And such resistance could succeed in finishing what Trump started — disuniting the country and destroying the democratic experiment — unless, that is, the United States were to undergo a thorough de-Trumpification.


“In the last year, flag-draped coffins have returned from Afghanistan. Now we know Vladimir Putin pays a bounty for the murder of American soldiers,” the narrator says. “Donald Trump knows too — and does nothing.”

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A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that 40 percent of Americans now believe the worst of Covid-19 is in the past, up from 26 percent in early April. That number includes the majority of Republicans, 61 percent of whom said the country has already suffered the worst of the pandemic.


Pence postpones Florida campaign tour as push to reopen US stalls

Pence had been set to appear in Lake Wales at an event next week organized by pro-Trump group America First Policies billed as the “Great American Comeback Tour.” The group announced Saturday that the event had been postponed “out of an abundance of caution.”


Pence is backing out of the scheduled appearances this coming week just a day after he crowed at a White House press briefing that the nation is “flattening the curve” in COVID-19 cases, which is not true.