Republican strategists fear a ‘historic wipeout’ in November

The possibility of President Donald Trump losing to Vice President Joe Biden in November isn’t the only thing that Republican strategists are worried about: they also fear that Democrats will achieve a majority in the U.S. Senate and increase the majority they presently hold in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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And in a new piece for Vice, Journalist Cameron Joseph reveals the worries of Republican insiders who fear that November could be another Democratic wave election.

Who has the most contempt for Trump voters: Liberals, or Donald Trump?

Not even close...

Trump shared a fake video that was such an ugly, racist provocation that Twitter slapped a warning label on it to alert viewers it had been “manipulated.” 

This episode, which will likely be as quickly forgotten as so many before it, is another perfect distillation of how not just Trump, but his entire campaign team, is completely void of all human decency and empathy, so much so that they would knowingly exploit images of children, without their parents’ consent, to create overtly racist propaganda designed to trick people into rejecting actual news in favor of lies. 

Think about it: What Trump was saying by tweeting out that video was that 
he thinks his followers are complete morons, 
the sort of people so thuddingly stupid that they might 
believe that CNN would call a baby "racist" or might try to 
present toddler hijinks as violence. 

The point no one makes, the question that no one ask: Is Trump right about his supporters? Are they actually “thuddingly stupid”? It would be easy to make the argument as they file into the BOK tonight. Why else would they show up in a pandemic where 120,000 Americans have died to attend a Trump rally in an enclosed arena, wear no mask and with no physical distance, and where some percentage of the crowd will die? Read CNN analysis of the Risk of being at this rally.

The rallies also typically draw supporters from surrounding towns and states. Some die-hard fans travel across the country from rally to rally like groupies for a band.

Public Health Experts See Trump’s Tulsa Rally As A ‘Perfect Storm’ For Infection Risk

THUDDINGLY STUPID?  Stupid is as Stupid Does.


In a surprise Friday night news dump, Barr announced — falsely — that Berman would be “stepping down” from his post.

Attorney General Bill Barr apparently thought he could buffalo U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman out of job, but the lead federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York is refusing to go down without a fight.

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