‘Abusive deadbeat dad’ Trump is ‘running out of time’…

... as voters wise up to his game.
conservative commentator and former Republican Matt Lewis 

Americans are finally seeing Donald Trump for “abusive deadbeat dad” that he is — and it will cost him in the November election. Trump is running out of time. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is calm, cool, and collected…

Trump is the DRUNK behind the steering wheel of the car and Joe Biden is the DESIGNATED Driver


‘China beats him [Trump] every time’

President Donald Trump’s campaign is out with an ad attacking Vice President Joe Biden on China. But after national security adviser John Bolton came out with excerpts of his latest book, Trump’s message on China might be faltering.

According to Bolton's new book, Trump ask China for assistance with the 2020 Election.

Trump sues to squelch the Bolton Book… What is Trump Hiding and doesn’t want America to know?

The spot from the Lincoln Project — which the group says will air in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Washington, DC — comes the same day Trump’s former national security adviser levied harsh claims against how the President has handled US-China relations during his first term in office.”They know who Donald Trump is: weak, corrupt, ridiculed,” a narrator in the ad says.

“China beats him every time.”


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