Trump is ‘deteriorating rapidly’…’can’t hide this much longer’

The Tulsa Health Department noted on its website Friday that Tulsa County had reported 71 new cases of the virus that day, its highest daily increase to date. Preliminary investigations linked the rise to indoor gatherings, it said.

Trump’s rally is planned for June 20 at the 19,000-capacity BOK Center. 

Fewer Trump Voters in November.

Trump brain rot having apparent affect…

Worries Trump is ‘deteriorating rapidly’ after video shows him struggling to walk down a ramp: ‘They can’t hide this much longer’

Trump looks like me navigating the 9 steps from my porch to the front yard…any minute I’m going to fall flat on my A$$…

“…taking tiny baby steps and staring at his shoes, then pulls up big at the end, and blusters through the last step like he’s Patton surveying a battlefield full of knocked out panzers,”