unemployment rate likely should be higher than the widely reported 13.3 percent rate.

When the U.S. government’s official jobs report for May came out on Friday, it included a note at the bottom saying there had been a major “error” indicating that the unemployment rate likely should be higher than the widely reported 13.3 percent rate.

The special note said that if this "misclassification error" had not 
occurred, the "overall unemployment rate would have been about 
3 percentage points higher than reported," 
meaning the unemployment rate would be about 16.3 percent for May. 

Now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is aware of that problem. They told us that if you adjust for that error, then the unemployment rate is actually higher.

How much higher? Well, the month of May, it would have been three percentage points higher but in the month of April it would’ve been five percentage points higher.



Last year Trump asserted he could personally take over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian influence in the 2016 election and his own role in it “if I wanted to.” Emboldened after being acquitted by the Senate on the House’s impeachment charges, he said, “I’m actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country.” And he has claimed that, as president, the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want.”

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President Donald Trump took a swing at the protesters who have been outside the White House on Saturday morning, calling them “ANTIFA & other Wacko groups of Anarchists” as he explained why the military presence he’s ordered to control demonstrations in DC this week doesn’t apply to his own crowds of supporters.

When They’re Protesters, They’re “Antifa.” When They’re Trump’s Fans, They’re “Incredible People”

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Prominent Republicans serving notice they won’t support Trump’s re-election: report

According to a report from the New York Times, prominent Republicans are making it clear to Donald Trump that he won’t be receiving their votes or support as he runs for re-election — and they may endorse his presumptive opponent Joe Biden.

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Then came some fact-checking. PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor asserted asked:

“How would a better economy have protected George Floyd?” Then she added: “Black unemployment went up by 0.1%, Asian-American unemployment went up by 0.5%. How is that a victory?”

Instead of answering Alcindor’s question, Trump indignantly responded, “You are something” before walking away.