Trump has lashed out repeatedly at his critics, to a degree that is rare even for him. He has been stoking unfounded conspiracies about a decades-old accidental death in the former congressional office of Joe Scarborough, now his cable news nemesis, prompting the family of the deceased woman to ask Trump to stop. He has suggested without evidence that President Barack Obama spied on his campaign and engaged in criminal activity in a conspiracy theory he calls “Obamagate.” He has continued to undermine public-health efforts by refusing to wear a mask in public. He’s further frayed the country’s democratic institutions by conducting a purge of the inspectors general tasked with ferreting out government waste. And he’s sought to undermine faith in November’s election, attacking states’ use of mail-in ballots, which are legal, have a track record of expanding voter access and have not been linked to wide-spread fraud.



Trump to sign executive order aimed at cracking down on Facebook and Twitter, vows ‘FAIRNESS!’


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is refusing to back down over fact-checking in the face of relentless criticism from the White House. Dorsey’s company has become the target of President Trump’s fury after it added a disclaimer to one of his tweets earlier this week. First, Trump threatened to close down social-media companies who he thinks are “show bias” against conservatives, and it was reported late Wednesday that he will sign an executive order to remove important legal protections from sites like Twitter and Facebook.