Trump has been a disastrous commander in chief.

If the coronavirus fight is a “war,” Trump has been a disastrous commander in chief

Vox’s Ezra Klein noted two weeks ago how amazing it is that, months after the US declared a national emergency over the coronavirus, there is no plan to defeat the disease and return the country back to normal: say Trump is the worst “wartime president” ever.


‘Worst president ever’: Steve Schmidt blasts Trump’s Memorial Day ‘meltdown’ as COVID-19 rages

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt blasted President Donald Trump for tweeting out misinformation and libelous attacks over Memorial Day weekend.
The president kept up his baseless murder allegations against “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough and insulted other political opponents during the holiday weekend, and Schmidt told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that voters would remember his behavior.


With 100,000 dead and 39 million out of work, Trump trolls the libs — and his fanboys love it

The nation is in crisis. Our president is busy calling women “skanks” and floating false murder theories…

Memorial Day weekend will likely be remembered by history as one marked by unimaginable tragedy. The official count of people dead from COVID-19 approached 100,000 — a milestone that will surely be passd on Tuesday or Wednesday — and the actual death toll is likely much higher.

The weekend kicked off with new reports of soaring unemployment, putting the number of Americans who have filed benefit claims at 38.6 million, nearly one of every four workers in the United States.