Bernie Sanders staffers can deliver the voters that the former vice president can’t…

The ex-Bernie Sanders staffers behind a new pro-Joe Biden super PAC have a pitch for would-be funders: They can deliver the voters that the former vice president can’t, and they’ll follow the digital-first “Bernie strategy” to do it.

That’s the takeaway from a presentation that America’s Promise, a group founded last month, prepared for potential donors. The slide show, reviewed by Mother Jones

...makes the case that a lack of enthusiasm for Biden among key parts of the Sanders coalition—young people, Latinos, the left—could hand Trump the election unless Democratic funders support a major outreach effort. 


Never-Trump Republicans fear TRUMP has proven their critics right: ‘Cruelty, racism, and misogyny’ are ‘baked into the party’s DNA’

Stevens said that TRUMP has proved “every critic of the Republican Party right.”

“[Those critics] said the Republican Party really didn’t care about people, that it wasn’t a party that was inclusive,” he added. “Just go down the list — ‘doesn’t respect women.’ He’s made all that true, and he made all the wrong people right.”

raw story

A historian explains why the anti-Trump ‘Mourning in America’ ad could seal Trump’s fate in November

Advertising typically sells us life as we want it to be, not life as it truly is. Maybe that’s why the anti-Trump, conservative super PAC known as the Lincoln Project’s new ad “Mourning in America” is such a gut punch. As misery and despair unfold in scene after scene of job loss and death, there’s no escaping the dystopian nightmare America is now mired in as the country battles the coronavirus. After seeing the ad, President Donald Trump started rage tweeting at the ad’s creators – attorney George Conway, Republican strategists Steve Schmidt and John Weaver, and media consultant Rick Wilson – at nearly 1 a.m. on May 5.