Trump’s dangerous incompetence has directly hurt the people…

2018 was a good year for Democrats in Pennsylvania, where Wolf was reelected and defeated Republican candidate Scott Wagner by 17% — and where Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. was elected to a third term and defeated Republican Lou Barletta by 13%. If 2018 was a referendum on Trumpism, those double-digit Democratic victories in the Keystone State were not good news for the president.

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CNN’s Avlon roasts Trump’s ‘Obamagate’ stunt: ‘Rarely have we seen the smoking gun fizzle as fast’

“Rarely have we seen the supposed smoking gun fizzle as fast as the Susan Rice emails,” 

“Instead of wrongdoing, Rice’s email said that President Obama emphasized his continued commitment to ensuring every aspect was handled by intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book,”


The coronavirus has made Trump’s deficiencies more apparent. We still don’t quite know what to do with him.


We may never have the tests to determine exactly what is wrong with Trump himself. But we know that something is wrong, and we have known this for a long time. We know that he fails to exhibit emotional qualities we reasonably expect of a leader, particularly in times of crisis. Most notably, he fails to have empathy for (or, at a minimum, awareness of) human illness, suffering, and death. We also know something is wrong because we have heard, seen, and read statements by the president that are inconsistent, factually incorrect, tangential, and more than occasionally incoherent. Depending on the topic and setting, these behaviors range from intermittent to continual. Years have been wasted in an intramural debate among mental health experts over whether to diagnose the president remotely, and what such a diagnosis might be. But that, too, is a distraction from what is directly in front of our eyes. -