Did you KNOW? I didn’t.

Cats and dogs are both susceptible to coronavirus — but cats have it worse

According to the research, two out of fifteen dogs from households with confirmed human cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong were infected. Researchers detected the virus in a 17-year-old neutered male Pomeranian from five nasal swabs collected over a 13-day period. The second dog, a 2.5 year-old German Shepherd dog, tested positive for the coronavirus, too. 
Interestingly, both dogs remained asymptomatic during their quarantines. The study lacks evidence that would suggest that dogs can transmit the infection to other dogs or people.
A separate study, in which domestic cats were inoculated with the virus, showed that cats may be more susceptible to the coronavirus. According to a letter to the editor published in The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers placed coronavirus-negative cats with ones who were inoculated with the virus. Some cats contracted the virus within a few days.