coronavirus will simply “go away”

there are two numbers Trump can’t explain away: total deaths and job loss. 

as of April 29th, we have already suffered more than 58,671 deaths MORE THAN TOTAL DEATHS DURING THE VIETNAM WAR…

While Trump proudly takes credit for the pre-pandemic 3.5 percent unemployment rate, he will soon claim NOT to be responsible for the Great Depression-like unemployment rates that are sure to come. 

tough sell when the unemployment rates reach 15 to 20 percent or more


“This is going to go away,”

President Donald Trump continues to baselessly claim the coronavirus will simply “go away” even as the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. skyrocket under an administration fumbling its response to the pandemic.

“This is going to go away,” Trump said of the deadly virus at the White House on Tuesday. “And whether it comes back in a modified form in the fall, we’ll be able to handle it, we’ll be able to put out spurts, and we’re very prepared to handle it.”

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false choice the Donald Trump administration has presented of either preserving the U.S. food supply or keep workers safe from COVID-19 infection in meat processing plants.

More essential employees who make low wages being forced to place their lives at risk by the Donnie…


Under Trump, formerly stalwart CDC goes soft on meat plants

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‘Pathetic’ Trump slammed for backing tax cuts that could hurt Social Security instead of supporting additional stimulus relief

President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed opposition to providing additional direct relief payments on top of the $1,200 checks that are slowly trickling out to eligible U.S. households, saying he would instead prefer to slash the tax that funds Social Security and Medicare.

“Well, I like the idea of payroll tax cuts,” Trump said at a press conference when asked about the idea of authorizing another round of direct payments in the next coronavirus stimulus package as mass layoffs continue.