267 Days Remain for Trump $chitt Show…

It may seem early, but federal law mandates that by Sunday (MAY 3) the apparent Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and aides to the president he hopes to unseat must begin planning for a possible transition of power after the November election.

Officials from agencies involved in transition planning said they will follow the law and start the process with Biden on schedule.

The White House, however, declined to comment on whether officials in the West Wing who are responsible for coordinating with Biden’s team have plans to do so by the May 3 deadline.



Some candidates have disregarded this organized approach in the past.Based on Michael Lewis’ new book, this seems to have been the case for the Trump campaign. Though they did dispatch Gov. Chris Christie to begin preparing in the summer of 2016, Christie’s work was summarily ignored after the election. The transition started from scratch, resulting in a level of chaos and disorder that only benefited the industry lobbyists well-placed on the transition team. So many of the Trump administration scandals can be traced back to the chaotic transition period after the election.


It isn’t just that our corrupt, conniving and alarmingly incompetent president has repeatedly made a fool of himself in public, whether through outright lies, unfounded speculation, flatulent boasting or pseudo-scientific blather. We ought to be used to that by now. But I don’t think we have fully registered how it looks to the rest of the world that the self-appointed greatest nation in the world and guiding light of freedom and democracy elected this person in the first place, and that close to half our population continues to view him with reverence and adoration, as a supreme symbol of our national values and aspirations. (The very deepest level of historical irony here, of course, is that those people may be right about that. It may be the rest of us who are deluded.)