Before Trump, we have never seen…

From Raw Story

  • hospitals so crowded that patients in their beds are lined up in hallways outside emergency rooms and intensive care units because those rooms are full. 
  • refrigerated trucks lined up behind hospitals to carry away bodies from overloaded morgues. 
  • doctors standing mute in the White House while a president of the United States stood before television cameras and advocated bringing ultraviolet light “inside the body,” and injecting patients with disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol and bleach, medical “experiments” that were carried out on Jews by Nazi doctors in places like Dachau and Buchenwald.
  • 26.5 million people apply for unemployment benefits in just five weeks.
  • 50,000 Americans perish from a virus for which the United States government was singularly unprepared.
  • a president who wakes up every day at 5 a.m. and obsessively watches television and sends out dozens of tweets all morning and waits until noon to descend from his living quarters to go to work in the West Wing.
  • a president who told more than 16,000 lies in his first three years in office, an average of nearly 15 a day.
  • a president change the color of his aerosol-sprayed hair three times in three days, from yellow to gray and back to yellow again.
  • an election when people may have to risk becoming infected with the coronavirus to go to the polls, the way voters did in Wisconsin two weeks ago.
  • Before Trump, Republicans suppressed Democratic votes with ID requirements and closed polls and registration purges.
  • Before Trump, we have never seen tens of thousands prevented from voting because they’re dead and buried in the ground.

Has Trump decided to use the coronavirus to win in November?