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Remove Trump from Command

Fallout continues over Capt. Brett Crozier being relieved of command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Crozier had sent a four-page letter up the chain of command warning about the cornavirus outbreak aboard his vessel. Crozier called on the Navy to take action to prevent members of his crew from dying. After the email was leaked to the press, Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly relieved the commander over the objections of uniformed military leaders, claiming Crozier had sent the letter “over nonsecure, unclassified email” and copied it to ” 20 or 30 other people.” 

After flying to Guam to publicly castigate the ship’s former commander before his former crew, Modly resigned. It seems he exaggerated the distribution of the letter and misrepresented his reasons for firing Crozier. “Breaking news: [President] Trump wants him fired,” Modly reported told a colleague the day before relieving Crozier.