TRUMP VOTERS don’t have good judgement TO BEGIN WITH…

Psychologists warn of the deadly consequences of the “silent partner” in abusive homes. When a father beats or sexually assaults a child, the family will often react by refusing to discuss the abuse, allowing silence to enable 
the predator and protect against confronting a reality that is too painful and frightening.

The United States of America is now an abusive household. Donald Trump is the lunatic authority figure 
stalking and traumatizing the victims — the American people — while the Democratic Party, along 
with the mainstream media, act as the silent partner.
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President Donald Trump behaved “like a punk” as he incited his right-wing followers to protest COVID-19 safety measures, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said Friday.

Several Democrats at the state and nation levels, meanwhile, blasted the president for fomenting domestic violence with a series of tweets calling on his supporters to “liberate” Virginia, Minnesota and Michigan — all states with Democratic governors.

Trump urged the action as groups have formed to protest stay-at-home orders and business closures aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus. He ominously also called on people in Virginia to protect their gun rights, which are “under siege,” he said.


The CDC didn’t follow standard procedures, leading to the contamination of the first batch of testing kits, 
according to a Washington Post investigation.

A contamination of the first round of COVID-19 testing kits made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention slowed the U.S. government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, The Washington Post and CNN confirmed Saturday.

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