I can live with that.

During January Trump had only nine scheduled intelligence briefings, Trump spent six days on his golf course in Florida and staged five reelection rallies.


According to CNN, President Donald Trump’s administration pushed ahead with its plan to shutter a major agency tasked with identifying new sources of potential pandemics, even as the first reports of the novel coronavirus appeared in China — then frantically tried to reverse the decision as the crisis worsened.


American presidents before Donald Trump had some record of public achievement in politics, government or the military before they were elected. Donald Trump lacked any of those credentials, but brought his astounding history of involvement in thousands of lawsuits to the nation’s highest office. This trove of cases from more than 45 years reflects Trump’s contempt for ethical standards and for the US Constitution and the rule of law, the foundation of American democracy.

Sadism, crime and a love of lies: What 3,500 lawsuits reveal about Trump’s true nature. ALTERNET