Equal-time rule: It’s time Democrats receive Equal Time…

The equal-time rule specifies that U.S. radio and television broadcast stations must provide an equivalent opportunity to any opposing political candidates who request it. This means, for example, that if a station gives a given amount of time to a candidate in prime time, it must do the same for another candidate who requests it, at the same price if applicable.[1]


It’s time Democrats get equal time to Trump’s afternoon bullchit session each day…let Nancy Pelosi speak for Democrats in opposition to Trump’s daily menu of LIES…

The federal equal time rule requires broadcasters to treat a candidate for the same political office identically to every other candidate for that office. If a radio or television station sells air time to one candidate, the rule states that it must offer to sell the same amount of time to other candidates for that office.

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Either stop the Trump Afternoon broadcast or give Democrats Equal Time to Respond… -https://storage.googleapis.com/afs-prod/media/media:4b07b195556a4b2a8db589eb6a0a11f4/3000.jpeg