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Trump supporters are already questioning coronavirus death toll to make the president look good

Some prominent Trump-supporting media personalities are already trying to defend the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic by questioning the official number of people who have died after being infected.

As documented by Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell, right-wing radio host Mark Levin this week suggested that the official coronavirus body count tallies shouldn’t be taken at face value because there’s no way of knowing whether someone who died shortly after getting infected really died from the virus.

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The cult of Trump now threatens us all

Last weekend, as I picked up an outfit at the cleaners for an event that never happened, one of them was gesticulating wildly in front of the counter.

“Stormy Daniels! Russiaaaaahhhh!” he pontificated, overblowing his already overblown New York accent. “Now this ‘virus.’ They can throw anything at him. They’re never gonna win!”

This weekend, I got caught in the crossfire with another one of them, trading barbs with a store owner in the hard-hit dairy aisle of a small grocery. Their enemy? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had just announced that all non-essential businesses would be closed in the next 48 hours.

“He’s just trying to prove a point,” the customer said as the grocer defiantly insisted he would never close his store. “He wants to make Trump look bad. Good luck!”

My little ventures into the world remind me that in my apartment I’m in a bubble, surrounded by the echo-chamber of Twitter and Facebook and all of The New York Times and The Washington Post articles shared by my friends and followers.

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