I know, I know. It sounds absurd, right? The man who only a couple of weeks ago was telling us the coronavirus will be going away “very quickly” is now standing in the White House press room every morning and bragging, “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” 


Reacting to a report from the Washington Post that Donald Trump was made aware of the coming coronavirus pandemic that is killing Americans and crippling the country back in January and chose to brush the information aside, a former cabinet member under President Barack Obama unleashed a furious tweet accusing the president enablers of having “blood on their hands.”


President Donald Trump ignored reports from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported Friday.Citing US officials familiar with the agencies’ reports and warnings, the Post reported that intelligence agencies depicted the nature and global spread of the virus and China’s apparent downplaying of its severity, as well as the potential need for government measures to contain it — while Trump opted to dismiss or simply not address their seriousness.”Donald Trump may not have been expecting this, but a lot of other people in the government were — they just couldn’t get him to do anything about it,” the official noted to the Post.

"The system was blinking red."