Don’t allow a rewrite of history by President “I don’t take responsibility at all” before our very eyes.

Plum Line’s Greg Sargent made a plea Wednesday not to let President “I don’t take responsibility at all” rewrite history before our eyes.-

Each day, there is another coronavirus briefing starring Donald Trump. Each day, his team claims progress. Trump claims credit. Nothing much happens.

Each day, there is more smoke blown up the national ass. Each day, more people fall sick and die with many, many more on the way.

“Trump will not take responsibility for whatever we learn about his government’s failures, no matter how bad they are established to be.” He is actively prioritizing his reelection over saving American lives. Any efforts “to reconstruct the actual story, or inform the public about it, or impose accountability for it must be entirely discredited.”


What’s this smoke blowing up my ass?

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It’s going to disappear, like a miracle…