2 worse economic crises this century have occurred with a Republican in the White House…

...and Democrats have to bail the Republic out.
The economic fallout from the new coronavirus outbreak

…our first priority is obviously to think about the health stories and what’s happening on the ground. But then when we see the impacts, when the businesses start to close, when the airplanes are flying less, there’s a ripple effect here. 


Trump’s Google coronavirus website lie may be the ultimate in simply making stuff up

During his Friday afternoon press event—an event that seemed focused entirely on pumping up the stock market by name dropping as many corporations as possible—Donald Trump claimed that Google was working on a website that would help worried Americans figure out if they needed to be tested for the novel coronavirus. The website, according to Trump would be done soon, and would not only provide information on whether a test was called for, but advise on where to go for a test. Trump was not only very specific, noting that Google had “1,700 engineers working on this right now,” but took the time to make a backhanded swipe at the initial difficulties of the web site connected to the Affordable Care Act.

The only problem is …  Google is not building the website Trump described.