If Joe Biden is the nominee…

…will Bernie supporters be manipulated by Trump into staying home in November and not voting for Joe?

Trump will work hard with LIES, half truths and other inuendos to manipulate Bernie Sander Voters, not to vote for Trump, but not to vote for Joe Biden... to suppress your vote so Trump can be reelected...

Sanders can’t lead the Democrats if his campaign treats them like the enemy

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been running very different kinds of campaigns, built on very different ambitions. Biden’s been running to lead the Democratic Party more or less as it exists today. Sanders, by contrast, has sought to lead a political revolution that will upend not just the Democratic Party but American politics more broadly.

On Super Tuesday, Sanders’s political revolution didn’t turn out, but the Democratic Party did.


Virginia’s turnout this year was nearly double what it was in 2016

Virginia’s Democratic primary turnout this year was nearly double what the state saw in 2016. 

This cycle, with 100 percent of precincts reporting, 1,324,325 people had headed to the polls in Virginia — a big uptick from the 2016 Democratic primary, when 780,000 people did the same.


‘Simple son’ Eric Trump tries to smear Joe Biden

Eric Trump on Wednesday attacked former Vice President Joe Biden for appearing to sniff a baby — and then 
got bombarded with videos of his own father partying with late billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.