Will Democrats allow Trump’s winning in November?

Super Tuesday is upon us: Very soon, Democrats must unite or surrender to authoritarianism

After this week, Democrats will face a stark choice: Come together to beat Donald Trump, or just give up

After 10 Democratic Party presidential primary debates and a series of small-state primary elections, Super Tuesday is almost here. It is a rich prize: in 14 states and one U.S. territory, 1,357 delegates for the Democratic convention — more than one-third of the total — will be decided. Despite Joe Biden’s big win in South Carolina on Saturday, it’s entirely possible that after the Super Tuesday votes are counted Sen. Bernie Sanders will be the de facto Democratic Party 2020 presidential nominee.


Mayor Pete and Tom Steyer have suspended their election process which bodes well for Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the candidate Trump fears the most and there is a reason Trump would commit a high crime and misdemeanor to smear the candidate he fears the most… Joe Biden.


Democrats have to keep the House. And do everything they can to take the Senate. Who is best positioned to accomplish this task? There are some reports that Bernie will lose 50 states… and even if elected, he will lose the Senate and the House… so how will he deliver on his promise to forgive ALL student debt… 1.6 trillion dollars that someone will have to pay for… you, me and even the students will have to pay with higher taxes… and medicare for all is a goal worth pursuing… but it will take years to accomplish. I have medicare and I’m always at the edge of losing it, because it cost so much; one estimate as much as 32 trillion dollars… how will America pay for this move to medicare for all and do ALL Americans want it?