Who will save Democrats from THEMSELVES?

But the real reason this rumor is nothing to take seriously is because the only Democrat not in the fray who could save the party from Bernie Sanders with a Hail Mary candidacy declaration is Michelle Obama, perhaps the only party celebrity who refuses to run for the presidency.

The former first lady is the most admired woman in the country, beating Melania Trump twice over in Gallup’s poll. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who soured in public opinion the more time she spent in the spotlight, Obama found her footing and national favor during her eight years in the East Wing. Since President Trump took office, she has blossomed into a bestselling author, style icon, and media maven.

Washington Examiner

A unity slate to save the Democrats — and the republic

The candidates will doggedly fight one 
another with everything they have until all 
but one are forced to surrender under the 
harsh logic of chasing dollars and votes to 
survive. As impressive as this group is, 
the party risks a zero-sum fight that 
could play to its worst instincts and 
weaken it for the general election.
The structure of the primary process, and the 
rich diversity of the party itself, may end up 
subverting the ability of Democrats to come 
together to address the nation’s most urgent 
concern: the real danger the Trump presidency 
poses to American democracy.

The Hill