borrow a dollar, owe $6.50

I graduated with a degree in accounting. I wasn’t the smartest accountant in the box… but I did land a job with a company in Cleveland Tennessee, The Credit Bureau Service, a credit collection company.

A year or so later, because of my expertise with computers I was approached to make a move in another direction. The owner of Credit Bureau Service had an idea, Squeeze the poorest section of society for ALL they were worth.

Check Into Cash was born.

Allow a person to write a check for 230 dollars, give the person 200 dollars and wait 2 weeks for the person to get paid and the amount owed is 230 dollars… but I only get paid 200 dollars. I owe 230 dollars and get paid 200 dollars and the amount I have to repay is 230 dollars… but I only have 200 dollars so I write another check for 230 dollars… pay the 200 dollars I have and write a check for 230 dollars… and wait for my next pay day… to repeat… again, again and again….

And Donnie the Predator says it’s OK for the wealthy rich to Steal from the Poor and give to his election campaign.

Fake Christians say fuk the poor Donnie…