…Trump Granting Favors To China, Turkey Leaders

John Bolton, the former national security adviser, told Attorney General William Barr that he was worried President Donald Trump had grown too friendly with the strongman leaders of China and Turkey, according to accounts in an unpublished book Bolton wrote that was obtained by The New York Times.


…Bolton wrote that Trump told him in August 2019 that “he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton in Ukraine.”


“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday took a flamethrower to former Whitewater special prosecutor Ken Starr after he delivered a solemn lecture during President Donald Trump’s Senate trial about American lawmakers impeaching presidents too frequently.


After former independent counsel Ken Starr, who led the impeachment push against former President Bill Clinton, defended President Donald Trump in his Senate impeachment trial on Monday, MSNBC host Ari Melber gave the attorney’s performance a devastating review.

“This was a disaster for Republicans,” Melber said. “A total, unmitigated, legal and constitutional disaster.”


Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, possibly best-known for refusing to join a fraud investigation into Trump University that ultimately led to the President of the United States forking over $25 million, is right now defending President Trump on national TV during the Senate impeachment trial.

As many on social media noted, Bondi refused to join that investigation that led to a $25 million payment from the president, but was only too happy to accept a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump for her re-election campaign, just as she was deciding on whether or not to investigate him