the abuse or violation of some public trust…

The House manager’s brief is more than 100 pages long and reads, well, like a legal brief. It details, with citations to legal authorities and to the record, the evidence that Trump pressured Ukraine “help him win his own reelection by announcing investigations that were politically favorable for President Trump and designed to harm his political rival,” as well as evidence that Trump obstructed the congressional investigation into his actions.


Trump’s brief, by contrast, is seven pages — and that’s counting the cover page. It reads more like a Sean Hannity monologue than it does a legal document. The Trump brief barely attempts to rebut the factual allegations against the president, and contains no citations. Much of it rests on a claim that the articles of impeachment against Trump are “constitutionally invalid on their face” because they “fail to allege any crime or violation of law whatsoever.”

Think of it this way: Suppose that, immediately after taking the oath of office, President Trump had hopped on a flight to one of his golf courses and simply refused to show up to work. He wouldn’t sign bills, appoint anyone to political offices, or perform any of the other tasks that can only be performed by the president of the United States. In this scenario, America would functionally be left without a president for as long as Trump remained in office.


Trump’s Lawyers are Lying

The figurative gutters of Fifth Avenue are awash in blood and spent shell casings. What the Senate cameras recorded was a day-long showdown between reason and brute force. Schiff and the other impeachment managers have all the facts and principles on their side. The president’s defenders had nothing to counter them with but nonsense and lies. Nonsense, lies, and 53 votes.

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