Trump excitedly promoted his 51 percent approval, though he didn’t say what that approval was for…


turns out, 51 percent of Americans support removing Trump from office, a new CNN poll showed. The number prompted a flood of people talking about the 51 percent on Twitter Monday afternoon.


To make matters worse, even Republicans and Trump’s supporters agree what the president did was wrong and he likely is guilty of the crimes he’s accused. On the first article, whether Trump abused the power of his office, 58 percent agreed he’s guilty (41 percent disagree). On the second article, whether Trump obstructed justice, 57 percent believe Trump is guilty (39 percent disagree).

moscow mitch gears up for trump coverup…

The rules, which Republicans authored on their own, mean that Democrats will need to convince at least four GOP senators to vote with them to subpoena their desired witnesses and other evidence ― a tough but not impossible task.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) blasted McConnell for breaking from President Bill Clinton’s impeachment arguments, which were spread out over several days for each side. 

Republicans don't deny that Trump committed 
high crimes and misdemeanors, and won't defend 
Trump by saying he never did so.  Republicans 
will say that while Trump may be guilty of 
high crimes and misdemeanors, it's OK because 
he's the President... and will attempt to 
minimize Trump's nonPresidential behavior with 
a Republican White Wash of Trump's UN-American 

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Sunday, Alan Dershowitz, a member of Trump’s legal team, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that abuse of power “is not within the constitutional criteria for impeachment.” Even if lawmakers were to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump abused his power, Dershowitz argued, it would not be impeachable, because it is not “criminal behavior, criminal in nature.”