While Trump STEALS Farmer Land, He Lies that he’s fighting for them to keep their land


As one viewer noted, there was noticeable silence 
when Trump mentioned land usage. It could be due to 
the fact that Trump is suing in court to take the 
land of farmers and ranches so he can build his 
border wall. For some, the land has been in their 
family since the founding of the state of Texas.


‘You cannot expect anything but fascism’: Pedagogy theorist on how

Trump ‘legitimated a culture of lying, cruelty and a collapse of social responsibility’

In the age of Trump, history is now used to divert and elude the most serious questions to be raised about the impeachment crisis. The legacy of earlier presidential impeachments, which include Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, provide a comparative historical context for analysis and criticism. And while Trump’s impeachment is often defined as a more serious constitutional crisis given his attempt to use the power of the presidency to advance his personal political agenda, it is a crisis that willfully ignores the conditions that gave rise to Trump’s presidency along with its recurring pattern of authoritarian behavior, policies, and practices.