Trump: “I love soldiers who ARE ‘freaking evil’…”

Navy Seal Edward Gallagher, who was pardoned by Trump, called ‘freaking evil’ by fellow Iraq veterans

  • Ex-unit members testify to war crimes investigators in video footage released by The New York Times, accusing him of shooting at 12-year-old
  • US president had repeatedly intervened in case, insisting Gallagher’s elite Seal status be restored after he was convicted of posing with Isis militant’s corpse


A Navy Seal platoon leader pardoned of war crimes by US President Donald Trump was described as “toxic” and “freaking evil” by fellow Iraq veterans, The New York Times reported on Friday.

Navy SEALs Detail Eddie Gallagher’s Gruesome Alleged War Crimes: Report


“I saw Eddie take a shot at probably a 12-year-old kid,” one SEAL told investigators.

Elite Navy SEALs who served in Iraq alongside Special Operations Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher told investigators they viewed him as an “evil” leader who committed what they considered to be obvious war crimes, according to newly released video and text messages obtained by The New York Times

Eddie Gallagher: Navy SEAL Called ‘Freaking Evil’ By Platoon In Video Interviews


Navy SEALs who served under Eddie Gallagher on deployment to Iraq in 2017 called him “freaking evil” and “toxic” in text messages and interviews unearthed by the  New York Times, revealing the unvarnished opinions of service members who accused their former leader of war crimes. 

Eddie Gallagher’s fellow SEALs describe him as ‘toxic,’ ‘evil’ in new videos

In one of the recordings, Special Operator 1st Class Craig Miller, one of the most experienced SEALs in the group, can be seen weeping.


“The guy is freaking evil,” Miller told investigators.

In a separate interview, Special Operator 1st Class Joshua Vriens, a sniper, called Gallagher “toxic.”

The platoon’s medic, Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, described Gallagher as the type of person who was “perfectly OK with killing anybody that was moving.”

Eddie Gallagher: Navy Seal reinstated by Trump described as ‘freaking evil’ by comrades, leaked testimony reveals

President hosted former special forces platoon commander at Florida estate


Eddie Gallagher was acquitted after a war crimes prosecution in the murder of a 17-year-old of Isis prisoner, but convicted of posing with his corpse. He was demoted by military authorities until the intervention of Mr Trump, who invited him to his Florida estate.

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