“That’s not true. I don’t want to debate it.”


From that well-received and, according to the Herald‘s queried attendees, “hilarious” hour-long private speech involving both war criminals and “impressions” of other political figures, No-Thumbs Hitler moved to a more public setting, giving an address to the Israeli American Council.

That appearance gave a more robust view of what top Republican officials claimed to find “hilarious”, in Trump’s prior appearance. Noting that he knew some of the attendees at the Sheldon Adelson-sponsored event from his real estate dealings, Trump declared them “not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that. [Laughter] You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax!”

“Yeah, let’s take 100% of your wealth away! No, no. Even if you don’t like me, some of you don’t, some of you I don’t like at all actually. [Laughter] And you’re going to be my biggest supporters because you’ll be out of business in about 15 minutes if they get in.”


A fifteen-minute CNN interview with Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) wound down to an abrupt end on Sunday morning as the “State of the Union” host Dana Bash cut off the Trump defender’s insistence there was no quid pro quo offer from the president to Ukraine’s leadership, with the CNN host telling the GOP lawmaker, “That’s not true. I don’t want to debate about it.”

What followed was a quick back and forth with Bash and Meadows talking over each other, with Bash getting the final word, telling the GOP lawmaker, “That is not true but I don’t want to continue to have a debate with you.”


Donald Trump’s staunchest allies have continuously built up expectations that the  Department of Justice inspector general’s report into the Trump campaign and Russia will contain bombshell revelations of a Deep State plotting to stop Trump’s 2016 candidacy before the election. If early reports about the investigation are accurate, though, the president’s boosters—and Donald Trump himself—have set themselves up for a big disappointment when the report is released on Monday.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been investigating whether Justice Department officials were politically biased against Trump’s campaign, and whether a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was illicitly obtained. Early reporting on the investigation suggests that Horowitz didn’t find political bias played a role in the investigation, although Horowitz reportedly accuses an FBI lawyer of altering a document used in a warrant request.

All of which could become a bit awkward for right-wing media types who have been consumed with political fantasies and thirsting for vindication over the promise that Horowitz’s report contains damaging revelations about the Justice Department and the Obama administration. It could prove even more embarrassing for QAnon fans who have become convinced that Horowitz’s report will set off mass arrests against top Democrats.

Trump supporters lose their minds when church shows Nativity scene in immigrant cages


“The theological statement posted with the nativity: In a time in our country when refugee families seek asylum at our borders and are unwillingly separated from one another, we consider the most well-known refugee family in the world,” she wrote. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Holy Family. Shortly after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary were forced to flee with their young son from Nazareth to Egypt to escape King Herod, a tyrant. They feared persecution and death.”

She went on to ask what would likely happen to the Holy family if they sought refuge in the United States today.

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