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MSNBC legal analyst blows up Jonathan Turley’s ‘deeply illogical’ Trump defense against impeachment

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“One of the complaints that professor Turley had yesterday, and I thought it was deeply illogical, is that this process is moving fast and too narrow,” Rosenberg said. 

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Impeachment hearings: law professor Pamela Karlan had no patience for Rep. Doug Collins’s insults

Republicans tried to turn House Judiciary’s first impeachment hearing into a sideshow, but Karlan wasn’t having it.

“Here Mr. Collins I would like to say to you, sir, that I read transcripts of every one of the witnesses who appeared in the live hearing because I would not speak about these things without reviewing the facts,” she said. “So I’m insulted by the suggestion that as a law professor I don’t care about those facts.”

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“Me, I don’t want to climb mountains,” President Donald Trump said in September, standing in front of construction of a new portion of his border wall in California. That’s why, he said, he’d hired a team of 20 “world-class mountain climbers” to test the various wall prototypes. “Some of them were champions. And we gave them different prototypes of walls, and this was the one that was hardest to climb. And we’ve all seen the pictures of young people climbing walls with drugs on their back—a lot of drugs. I mean, they’re unbelievable climbers. This wall can’t be climbed. This is very, very hard.”

Despite the valiant efforts of the president’s crack team of climbers and his careful monitoring of drug-carrying athletes, no one could have anticipated that in just a matter of months, migrants would hit upon an ingenious solution: ladders. What’s more, the idea that humans could slide down a pole had yet to be tested, even by the most skilled of Trump’s completely real, not-made-up elite climbing force. 

The World Is Laughing At Donald Trump

“The world is laughing at President Trump. They see him for what he really is: dangerously incompetent and incapable of world leadership,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “We cannot give him four more years as commander in chief.”

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