America’s Draft Dodger sneaks off to Afghanistan…

His staff ensured tweets would be sent from Trump’s Twitter account so Trump-watchers wouldn’t get suspicious that the normally Twitter-obsessed president wasn’t tweeting — like they did last year.


Donald Trump’s ‘peace agreement’ is a betrayal of Afghanistan and its people

What is in prospect, after months of US-Taliban talks, is more accurately termed a troop withdrawal than a peace deal. It will deliver what candidate Trump most wants – a path home for 14,000 American troops before next year’s US election. It will not serve the interests of the Afghan people. More likely, this shoddy stitch-up will leave them trapped inside a pitiless conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of civilian livessince 2001.

from a story dated August 2019. The Guardian
  • President tweeted appreciation for Vietnam War veterans on Friday
  • He never served in uniform and had five separate draft deferments
  • One was for heel bone spurs that were diagnosed as a favor for his father, according to the doctor’s children
  • President joked in the 1990s that surviving decades of casual sex without an DTD was his ‘personal Vietnam’ 
  • Twitter erupted following his Vietnam Veterans Day message 

from a story dated March 2019 Daily Mail

Apparently after watching FOX News, Trump told a rally crowd in Florida there’s a war on Thanksgiving. We checked, and couldn’t find any evidence of it.

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Your Christian Trumpist Republican Party running to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar has Twitter account permanently suspended…

A Republican candidate running to challenge Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota had her Twitter account permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter rules, according to a Twitter spokesperson.Danielle Stella says she was banned for a tweet in which she spread a baseless claim about Omar and said if the claim is true, Omar should be tried for treason and hanged, according to a post to her Facebook account. Two Twitter accounts of Stella’s have been suspended, her campaign confirmed to CNN. Omar has been a frequent target of smears and attacks by President Donald Trump and his supporters. In April, Omar said she experienced an increase in death threats after Trump tweeted about a speech she had given the month before.

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