Democrats Must Impeach Donald Trump to Defend the Republic. Also, It’s Good Politics.

The president is lawless, and has violated his oath to defend the Constitution. Make Republican senators defend him and what he’s done.


Just as important, every party official now marches in lockstep with The Leader, who will do anything he feels will benefit him personally as long as there are no concrete consequences. This is how Trump has behaved his entire life—strong-arming opponents, bending or breaking the law, using mobspeak to hint at the quid pro quo—and gotten away with it, except now he is President of the United States. The authoritarian knows only force, and until Democrats impose consequences for the president’s behavior in the form of legal force, Trump will continue to break the law and destroy institutions of the republic until the landscape of our politics is unrecognizable.

So far, Democrats have completely failed to make Trump believe there will be repercussions if he breaks the law or violates his oath to defend the Constitution. The Mueller Report detailed multiple instances in which the president blatantly attempted to obstruct justice in an investigation into whether he and his associates accepted help from a hostile foreign power in 2016. Democrats chose not to impeach the president, despite the fact that he’d broken the law repeatedly, and so far have failed to even call many of the key witnesses to testify before Congress.


‘His life’s work is to besmirch everything America stands for’: Cleveland journalist slams Jim Jordan as a disgrace to Ohio

Referee says he complained to Jim Jordan about sexual misconduct by Ohio State athletics department doctor, lawsuit alleges


A college wrestling referee says former Ohio State University athletic team doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him inside a locker room shower in the mid-1990’s, according to a new lawsuit filed against the school.When he reported the incident to OSU’s wrestling coaches — US Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, then the team’s assistant coach, and Russ Hellickson, the team’s former head coach — they failed to take any action, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday.

During the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, one of the president’s most obnoxious and buffoonish defenders in Congress has been Rep. Jim Jordan. The 55-year-old Republican and Tea Party favorite has been serving in the U.S. House of Representatives via Ohio since January 2007, but that doesn’t mean he is universally loved in the Buckeye State — and Cleveland-based journalist Brent Larkin, in a blistering op-ed for, explains why some Ohio residents hold Jordan in such low regard.

“It’s fitting that Republicans have given this seven-term sycophant a starring role in the televised House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump,” Larkin declares. “The assignment comes as Jordan is being credibly accused by some of knowingly turning a blind eye to sexual abuse by a team doctor when Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University from 1987-1994.”

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