Draft Dodger Bonespurs at Veterans Parade…

The Trump family has no veterans. They are not principled pacifists.  They just firmly believe military service is for losers.
-Lawrence O'Donnell 
Stoically hiding the pain from his heel spurs, Trump thanks our veterans for their service. Touching.
Father of deceased veteran says Trump family "has no idea what service and sacrifice is"
-father of deceased veteran
A glimpse into the psychological functioning, 
maybe more accurately the mis-functioning 
of a Trump Voter- Supporter...

Commissioners call New York Times ‘fake news,’ deny library funding for digital subscriptions

’I don’t agree with it, I don’t like ‘em,’ said one Citrus County commissioner who said he agrees with President Donald Trump that the newspaper prints ‘fake news.’

The Citrus County Commission came to a consensus at the end of October: The county should not spend roughly $2,700 annually to buy digital subscriptions to the New York Times for the 70,000 library-card holders who reside in the county.

Kentucky Governor race… REPUBLICAN Bevin has 5 point lead and then Trump Blows into Town…

read RCP

Trafalgar Group (R)*10/29 – 11/1Bevin +5
Mason-Dixon*10/10 – 10/13Tie
Gravis6/11 – 6/12Bevin +6

Democrats turn Virginia blue…

Democrats took full control of the Virginia legislature for the first time in more than two decades while the race for governor in deeply Republican Kentucky was too close to call despite a last-minute boost from President Donald Trump.

In Kentucky, Democratic challenger Andy Beshear held a narrow lead and declared victory in the governor's race over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin on Tuesday, though Bevin had not conceded. And in Virginia, Democrats flipped control of the state Senate and House, gaining outright control of state government in a state that is often a battleground for the White House.

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