You are NO Statesman Mr. Trump….

Trump brutally mocked for getting ‘booed like hell’ every time he goes out in public

President Donald Trump was booed while attending Ultimate Fighting Championship 244 at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

It was the second time in a week that Trump had received boos at a public event, after receiving chants of “Lock Him Up” when he attended the World Series.

The internet ridiculed Trump for the harsh public reception.


Of course Ivanka would compare Donald Trump to Thomas Jefferson — that’s her job

MISSY TRUMP, IVANKA compared an author of the Declaration of Independence to the author of this tweet featuring a clumsily photoshopped good dog:


Judgment – Removal and Disqualification (Simple Majority ONLY)

The plain language of section 4 seems to require removal from office upon conviction, and in fact the Senate has removed those persons whom it has convicted. In the 1936 trial of Judge Ritter, the Senate determined that removal is automatic upon conviction, and does not require a separate vote.854 This practice has continued. Because conviction requires a two-thirds vote, this means that removal can occur only as a result of a two-thirds vote. Unlike removal, disqualification from office is a discretionary judgment, and there is no explicit constitutional linkage to the two-thirds vote on conviction. Although an argument can be made that disqualification should nonetheless require a two-thirds vote,855 the Senate has determined that disqualification may be accomplished by a simple majority vote.856


The Constitution explains the country has two penalties for impeachment: removal from office and disqualification “to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.” If a president is impeached by the House of Representatives, the Senate could convict, remove the president from office, and disqualify the person from holding future office. 

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