“I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and my White Christians would go to HELL with me…”

Of all Republican voters, two subgroups stand out for their unwavering support of Trump: those who primarily get their news from Fox, and white evangelical Christians.

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Are cracks showing in Trump’s support with evangelicals …

Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises

The religious leaders are representative of Trump’s unwavering support from the evangelical community. No degree of skepticism about Trump’s character has shaken his support from white evangelicals, an overwhelming majority of whom have consistently registered approval of the president in polls. A Pew Research Center survey in August found 77% of white evangelical Protestants approving of Trump’s job performance.


Could Trump Drive Young White Evangelicals Away From The GOP?

A central message of President Trump’s insurgent candidacy in 2016 boiled down to this: Millions of Americans are losers — economicallyculturallyand even demographically. Perhaps no group needed less convincing of this proposition than white evangelical Christians, who have long felt embattled. “Make America Great Again” was the perfect slogan for Americans who had already embraced the notion that the country’s culture and way of life had been deteriorating since the 1950s. Indeed, white evangelical Christians voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton in large numbers, and Trump has maintained their support to an impressive degree.

But there are increasing signs of a generational rift: Younger white evangelicals have not fully bought into Trump’s politics and are less receptive to Trump’s message of cultural decline. The age gap among white evangelicals in some ways just mirrors the age gap among the public overall with regards to Trump, but in conversations with a number of younger white evangelical Christians, many said they are reexamining the way their faith informs their politics and whether the two have become too tightly intertwined.

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Porn star Stormy Daniels is taking a victory lap after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea. Here’s a timeline of Trump’s many marriages and rumored affairs.

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Payoff to a porn star to buy her silence…


Even the decade long rotation of wives isn’t enough — so he pays for sex with porn stars, the major leaguers of the lust world. Bonus creepy points for the things he’s said about his daughter, chiefly that she has the “best body”, that “perhaps I’d be dating her” if it wasn’t, you know, disgusting, and best of all “is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?” Nice.

Americans in 2018 got an overdose of stories about marital unfaithfulness. President Donald Trump was accused of making hush payments to at least two women with whom he allegedly had affairs, and the #MeToo movement highlighted sexual misconduct at all layers of U.S. society.

For conservative Christians, such stories were especially disturbing.

“Evangelical Protestants very much subscribe to the idea that sexual sin is the mother of all sin,” says Samuel Perry, a sociologist of religion who trained at an evangelical seminary. “It is the most dirty, the most damning, the most shameful.”


Trump embodies every one of the Seven Deadly Sins

From his Playboy past to Howard Stern interviews boasting that he would date his daughter if she weren’t a relative, Trump sells an image laced with lust. It has gotten him in trouble, with the Access Hollywood tape the most damaging blow. Those lustful failings and his casual misogyny have made him historically unpopular with women, thereby kneecapping his presidency. Just over two in 10 American women approve of Trump. Given how crucial women are to victory in swing elections, this is undercutting his ability to pressure wavering members of Congress on hard votes.

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A Wall Street Journal article alleged that President Donald Trump cheated on his wife, Melania, with a porn star—and it wasn’t the first time Trump has been in the center of a public cheating scandal or experienced fallout over his behavior toward women. And paid her $130,000 for her silence.

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