Trump has provided America with ONE crucial piece of identity…

America must take the steps to prevent a Repeat of Trump… and not allow a Repeat of Trump…

Trump keeps losing in court, but time is on his side

Courts aren’t buying Trump’s claim that he is immune from oversight. But that won’t matter if he runs out the clock.

Last Monday, a federal district court held that the mere fact that Trump is president does not make him immune him from a New York City prosecutor’s effort to subpoena Trump’s tax returns from Mazars USA, the president’s accounting firm. Then, on Friday, the powerful United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held that Mazars must turn over many of Trump’s financial records to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Mazars indicated that it will comply with these subpoenas if the courts ultimately order them to do so. That sets the Mazars cases aside from other fights to uncover information about the president: Trump’s pledge of maximal resistance to the impeachment probe suggests that he will not turn over any documents in his own possession, but he can’t prevent a third party like Mazars from complying with a subpoena.

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