New Reports Allege How White House Hid Trump Communications With Foreign Leaders

It appears the administration may have tried to “lock down” Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders before the July 25 call to Ukraine’s president.

Two news reports Friday evening further illuminated how President Donald Trump’s White House has allegedly kept details about his communication with certain foreign leaders restricted to a small number of officials, just one day after a whistleblower complaint detailing the administration’s efforts to hide his July 25 call with Ukraine’s president was released to the public.


Trump’s trail of treasonous behavior leads directly back to Nixon

Donald Trump is not the first Republican to abuse American foreign policy to improve his chances of winning a presidential election. At least some of the people around Trump are well aware of this. They are continuing a tradition of ruthless partisanship, always unethical and potentially illegal, that is traceable back more than half a century, when Richard Nixon scuttled a peace process that could have ended the Vietnam War.


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