“Buy a Spine…”

“My response to them is go hard or go home,” said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over impeachment.  “If you want to impeach him, stop talking. Do it. Do it. Go to Amazon, buy a spine and do it. And let’s get after it.”

Trumpist Republicans have LOST the capacity to do what is in the BEST interest of America, the Constitution and the Republic.

Democrats must step up and save the Republic from Trumpist and Donald Trump.

Democrats hand stronger with impeachment inquiry…


A third framing, which we address here, is a more practical one: whether, for the purposes of carrying out further investigation, the House’s hand would be strengthened significantly if it initiated impeachment proceedings. 

Several experts have argued that the House might have a stronger legal position in disputes with the executive branch over information and witness appearances if it were undertaking impeachment proceedings rather than investigations. Michael Conway, who served as counsel on the House judiciary committee during the Watergate investigation, has advanced a similar argument. In particular, he points to a staff memo written in April 1974, which argues that “the Supreme Court has contrasted the broad scope of the inquiry power of the House in impeachment proceedings with its more confined scope in legislative investigations. From the beginning of the Federal Government, presidents have stated that in an impeachment inquiry the Executive Branch could be required to produce papers that it might with‐hold in a legislative investigation.”


The White House has argued that it doesn’t need to respond to congressional subpoenas because they have no legitimate “legislative purpose.” That argument would be harder to make if a process of impeachment — a power specifically granted in the Constitution — was under way.

A House committee might have a stronger hand to play in securing grand jury materials if a “judicial proceeding” — that is, a formal impeachment process — were under way, rather than just “run-of-the-mill oversight activities,” Molly E. Reynolds and Margaret Taylor, two scholars at the Brookings Institution, wrote in May in the blog Lawfare.

It’s also conceivable that judges could choose to put such cases on a faster track, Reynolds and Taylor wrote. “We think it is entirely possible — probable even — that judges would recognize the primacy of impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States and expedite consideration of such cases,” they wrote.



The acting director of national intelligence (DNI) reportedly threatened to resign if President Trump sought to block his testimony before Congress regarding the Ukraine scandal that has led to a formal impeachment inquiry in the House.

Acting DNI Joseph Maguire threatened to step down on the eve of his slated testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the matter told the Washington Post.



Did Trump betray his country?

But none of this is normal. In fact, if Trump was trying to make a deal with the President of Ukraine, it was a crass move that put his personal political interests above those of the country he swore to serve.Trump’s actions toward Ukraine are likely a violation of anti-corruption laws, on top of his apparent violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act. More importantly, Trump’s behavior constitutes a violation of his oath of office, of his vow to “protect and defend” his nation, of the trust of the American people and of the most fundamental duties he accepted when he became President of the United States.


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