A whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump reportedly involves Ukraine, two sources familiar with the matter each told The Washington Postand The New York Times on Thursday.

The Post first reported on an intelligence official’s complaint on Wednesday, writing that the official approached Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson with claims that Trump had made troubling “promises” during communication with a foreign leader.


Rudy Giuliani Melts Down On Live TV In Bizarre Chris Cuomo Interview

The former New York mayor denied asking Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Then, he admitted it.

The former New York City mayor shouted at Cuomo, repeatedly contradicted himself, declared Cuomo to be “the enemy” and at one point, placed his head on his hand and closed his eyes, showing off a New York Yankees World Series ring:


Impeachment, resignation, treason, federal charges—reaction to the stunning Trump-Ukraine news

Thursday ended with the absolutely bombshell news that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani allegedly schemed to withhold military and financial aid to Ukraine—unless the newly elected prime minister found some kind of dirt on Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who has done work in Ukraine. You could and should read more about this scandal from my colleague, Mark Sumner, who has a great summary of the situation and a complete timeline of the scandal. 


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